All the Chai: Hair and South Asian Culture with the Comfy Side

All the Chai: Hair and South Asian Culture with the Comfy Side

Hey Love Club, 

We're diving headfirst into the dynamic realm of hair-itage with none other than Shankari, also known as The Comfy Side. As a South Asian fashion icon, she fills us with immense pride. Witnessing South Asian women flourish in these spaces, where our presence is often overlooked, fills us with joy and inspiration.

Introduction: All About The Comfy Side

Hey, everyone! I'm thrilled to share my hair journey with you all. For me, hair isn't just about looks; it's a reflection of my inner self, a symbol of freedom and expression that I've cherished over the years. From my early days to the present, my locks have been an integral part of my identity, weaving together strands of my South Asian heritage and individuality.


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What Hair Means to Me

Growing up in a South Asian household, the significance of long, luscious locks was deeply ingrained in me. My parents always hoped for me and my sister to have flowing hair, symbolizing beauty and tradition. As a dancer, maintaining lengthy strands was essential, but I also craved the freedom to explore different styles. While my father was hesitant about chopping my locks, my mom understood the need for change. Transitioning from long hair to a chic bob felt liberating, a fresh start that allowed me to embrace my evolving sense of self.



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My Story

My hair has always been my canvas for self-expression. When I started earning my own income, I seized the opportunity to experiment with bold looks, including vibrant highlights and daring color changes. Each transformation marked a new chapter in my journey, a celebration of individuality and creativity. However, amidst the whirlwind of styles, I found solace in returning to my natural hair, appreciating its unique texture and beauty. Now, I let my locks complement my daily looks, effortlessly blending with my choice of attire and reflecting my inner confidence.

My mother and grandmother are my pillars of strength when it comes to hair care. Their dedication to maintaining long, healthy locks despite age and hair loss has been inspiring. I fondly remember the weekends spent with my mom, as she gently oiled my hair, ensuring its vitality and strength. Now, I've incorporated this ritual into my self-care routine, honoring the traditions passed down through generations. It's not just about physical nourishment but also a soulful connection to my roots and the strong women who came before me.

My Evolution          


photo: Comfy Side with blonde hair

Over the years, my relationship with my hair has evolved alongside my personal growth. Each cut and color change coincided with moments of exploration and self-discovery, allowing me to embrace different facets of myself. While I may not revisit past hues, the temptation to experiment with new colors lingers, a reminder of the ever-changing nature of self-expression.


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As I reflect on my hair journey, one thing remains clear—our locks are more than just strands; they're a reflection of our truest selves. So, let your hair be your voice, your canvas for self-expression. Embrace its beauty, nurture it with love and care, and watch as it becomes a vital part of your identity. Remember, your hair is an integral part of yourself—so show up, embrace your uniqueness, and let your locks speak volumes about who you are.

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